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Can I grow indoors as a beginner?

Yes, in fact this is the best method to begin with as you become more hands on with your plants. All you need is to find space to fit an indoor grow tent. We recommend 3'x3' or 4'x4' with minimum 6.5' height to begin with. Next you will need to choose the lighting system you wish to use. We recommend LED systems as they are full spectrum, little-to-no maintenance, low heat, and power consumption. Now that you have the main components, you will need to figure out what kind of ventilation you will need, if you will be using soil or hydroponic, and if you will be using nutrients. As a major grow equipment supplier in Canada, you will find everything you need with us.

Why do I need a dehumidifier when growing indoors?

Humidity can be the greatest enemy for your plant, especially when you are growing them inside your home. With excess moisture, the chances of the growth of many bacteria, fungi, molds, and many similar pests increases, which will not only harm your plant but it can also lead to many health issues for you when you consume those plants. With a dehumidifier, the humidity level of the space is easily maintained and thus increases the life of your plant.  

Should I switch to LED from H.I.D system?

It honestly comes down to the quality of the LED light. Most commercial growers still rely on HID systems but slowly more and more are switching over to LED. Quality LED lighting systems definitely have a bunch of benefits when compared to HID lighting. Firstly, you can achieve a spectrum that is similar to HID bulbs. Secondly, you can produce the same if not more yield while using less energy and heat.