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Can I set up an indoor grow system inside my home?

Yes, you definitely can! Having an indoor grow system inside homes is becoming more common day by day. It is different from growing outside and you require a set of equipment designed to grow a healthy plant indoors.  If you are looking for a Canadian indoor growing equipment supplier online, then you have landed on the right site as we offer world-class indoor growing equipment in Canada at the best price.Whether you will be requiring a LED grow light or an inline fan to help cool the room, you will find quality equipment related to indoor growing systems only at LUMAGRO.


Can I grow herbs in my house with an indoor grow system?

That's a very good idea but unfortunately not a new one. Many people nowadays are using an indoor grow system to grow cannabis, herbs, and even vegetables & fruits inside their homes. Not only will it save you money on your next grocery trip, but you can have the satisfaction of growing your own food the way you like.


Is it more beneficial to grow a hydroponics plant than one grown in the soil?

Hydroponics offers many benefits over the traditional soil-grown plants. One of the main advantages of hydroponics it uses 10 times less amount of water compared to soil-grown. It also grows comparatively faster, and you will not have to be stressed about the havoc caused by soil-borne pests to your plants.