1000w Double Ended Explosion Proof Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb CMH (3100K Spectrum)

$38.00 $113.00

SKU: LG-089

CMH bulbs have a broad spectrum of "white" light. While MH lamps have mainly "blue" spectrum light and HPS lamps have "red/yellow" spectrum light being released, CMH lamps are considered to have a broad spectrum. This means that our CMH lamps has a more even spectrum output than any other double ended lamp being used for indoor growing. 

LUMAGRO 3100K 1000W DE CMH Bulb Features:

- Creates more PAR per Watt vs DE HPS bulb

- Creates a CRI of 90

- Mainly used for flowering but can be used for veg also

- Explosion proof

- Requires a 1000w ballast specifically for CMH bulbs


LUMAGRO 3100K 1000W DE CMH PAR Graph: