10" x 25' Aluminum Duct Hose

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SKU: LG-136

LUMAGRO's super lightweight 10" insulating air duct tube is manufactured with an internal crimped galvanized steel strip. The strip locks together the aluminum foil in order to form an air tight and leak proof lock system. It ensures excellent strength, making it perfect as a flexible solution for a broad range of venting requirements ranging from low or high pressure heating, as well as for ventilation to air conditioning applications.

Product Specifications
• Minimum echo 
• Self supporting, leak proof & corrosion resistant
• Completely flexible ducting for routine exhausting
• Reinforced double-layer aluminum foil construction 
• Dimension: 10" diameter x 25 foot length 
 Can be compressed to a 14" compact cylinder size
• Ideal for HVAC, bath and general ventilating applications