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Home Grow Light Kits Canada

Check out the best grow light kits in Canada with LumaGro. We have a large collection of grow light kits that will easily meet every lighting need that you have. We are an online store that can make some significant contributions to your growing experience in every step you take. We aim to offer you the most detailed information, products, as well as services to all our customers online.

How To Choose?

Selecting the most suitable grow light kit can be a confusing task. There are countless options out there. If you need to purchase a light kit that will fit your indoor garden, you need to determine the wattage, if you need HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs, MH (Metal Halide) bulbs, or even CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) bulbs. Also, you will need to consider which style of reflector will fit your garden better. If you are having trouble deciding which kit you need, just reach out to us and a representative will be more than happy to help you.