24" Electronic and Manual Trimmer Leaf/Bud Trimmer (Wet/Dry)

$265.00 $379.00

SKU: LG-213

This flower bud leaf trimmer is specifically designed for use in the processing of cannabis crops. This is the newest design with a "see through" clear top dome to see the flower buds being trimmed, without over trimming them. These trimmers will have your production and profits smelling sweet! Operate the trimmer with manual control or go hands free! The electric motor built into the base of the bowl includes speed control functionality to allow you to determine the automated speed at which the soft fingers brush along and prepare the crops.

Product Features:

  • Equipped with a powerful, efficient and quiet motor.
  • AC Adapters and cables are included.
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Clear dome top to see trimming in progress to ensure not to over trim
  • Crank to blade ratio 1:35
  • One revolution of the crank, the blades will spin 35 times with speed to trim the flower bud leaves against the grill
  • Only needs about 12 to 15 revolutions of the crank and the trimming will be complete.
  • No mess, flower buds are concealed in the bowl while being trimmed so the trimmings remain inside the bottom of the bowl
  • Large 24" Diameter for more trimming and faster production than other trimmers on the market
  • Flowers buds are protected from damages with 24 soft rubber strips to rotate and tumble the flower buds
  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact design for storage and transporting
  • Four rubber feet to keep the trimmer from slipping when cranking
  • Manual operation without electricity means you can use it anywhere
  • 1 double-sided sharpened blade ( just flip blade to have new sharp edge )
  • 2 cross wire blades