Custom Rolling Benches

Gain up to 50% more production space with rolling benches

Zinc coated steel poles and an aluminum frame will keep your table in commission for years to come 

Easy Assembly 

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How do they work? 

A flat platform/tray is placed on a series of round cylindrical rollers. This allows the platform to be easily pushed/pulled as the friction is considerably less. Usually in a standard horticulture rolling bench two rollers are sufficient, but more rollers can be added to move heavier objects and for longer benches. 

What are the benefits? 

Rolling benches offer a great return on investment as they allow you to use your space more efficiently, which essentially means more crops can be grown.
Our rolling benches will take away the need for multiple lanes dedicated to crop tending, which can be replaced with more rolling benches. Using this system will allow you to only need one lane for maintaining your crops. When you are done tending your crops in the first lane simply roll the bench over into that lane and continue working in the new lane created.

Happy Plants

Normally when plants are grown on the ground they are susceptible to temperature fluctuations at the root zone which can affect the plants yield dramatically. Having the plants lifted off the ground by using our rolling bench system is beneficial.
Firstly, the root zone will stay warm by the air passing underneath the bench.
Secondly, airflow is greatly increased which keeps the plants healthy. Not only that, the grow rooms environment is easier to control. The space underneath the bench creates an open area that helps redistribute heat and humidity. This means your A/C does not have to work as hard and will save money on power.

Happy Grower

Having your plants raised will make it easier for your cultivation team to tend to the plants. With less lifting and bending involved, your employees will work more efficiently as there is less strain on the body and the risk of injury is reduced.
Also with no plants on the ground, cleaning and sanitizing the floor is much easier. Your plant can be inspected more thoroughly therefore decreasing any chances of missing potential plant health hazards.

  • Benches arrive pre-drilled for easier assembly
  • Heavy gauge legs with a galvanized finish
  • Anti-tip bracket allows safe movement without uneven weight distribution
  • Tapered roll bars require less force to move the benches
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel bench tops
  • Custom sizes available
NameGreenhouse Ebb & Flow Rolling Table/Bench
Typical Size4ft x 8ft, 5ft x 5.5ft, 5.5ft x 15ft
Custom OrdersYes, we accept custom sized orders.
Tray MaterialABS Plastic Material
Tray ColorGray
Tray Thickness2mm
Tray Height8mm
Table Height45cm - 75cm (Height can be adjusted)
Rolling Range60cm