Double Ended (DE) Systems

Starting at $299.95

Double Ended Systems is the hottest and newest technology in High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs. They degrade much slower then traditional single ended HPS bulbs. These bulbs will still emit 90% of their original intensity after 10,000 hours.  Double Ended HPS bulbs are also more stable than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, and this allows them to have a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR output. Lastly, Double Ended HPS bulbs emit more UV and IR light than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, increasing the potency and essential oils.

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All about Our carbon filters

● Highly effective, low density virgin carbon
● Machine packed carbon enables 100% filtered air flow
● Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow
● Includes changeable Velcro pre-filter
● Switchable filter flange and base for longer lifetime
● Large selection of sizes available to fit any application

Indoor grow tents

  • 600D High Quality Non-Toxic Mylar
  • Strong Steel Poles
  • Intake/Exhaust Ports
  • Easy to remove and clean bottom
  • See-through window option available
  • Available in various sizes

co2 burners

  • Plants grow faster and stronger
  • Dual soleniod valves
  • High quality clean brass burners
  • Solid state electronic ignition module (no pilot light needed)
  • Safety Tip Over Switch shuts off gas if tipped or unstable.
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Gas intake regulator and hose included

hid grow kits

  • Comes with 600w or 1000w Ballast
  • HPS & MH bulb included
  • Timer & pulley included
  • Various reflectors to choose from


Advances in technology are made everyday
and this is a great example of the benefits.
We went from loud and large magnetic ballasts meant for
one bulb to small and quiet dimmable ballast that can work on both
HPS & MH. 

16" bowl trimmer

Easy to use and convenient bowl trimmer. Simply put your product on-top of the grill and rotate the handle until you reached your desired trimming length (roughly 10-15 spins). Your buds can be dry or wet when using the bowl trimmer but we recommend the product to be a little wet.  The blade is easy to remove and clean. It also features a double sided blade, so simply flip the blade over to reveal a new edge.