LumaGro®  is currently seeking individuals who are interested in becoming a LumaGro Franchisee. LumaGro will do its absolute best to ensure that the candidate will conduct business in the community that he or she wishes to be in. The financial requirements will vary depending on the method of acquisition, location, and store size.


Three of the main qualifications that LumaGro seeks in applicants is:

-Business background and experience
-Financial abilities
-Personal Traits

LumaGro is looking for individuals who already has business experience with a strong supervisory & managerial background. Retailing experience will be an important asset. We are seeking people who have demonstrated success in either a previous personal business or working for a corporation. An applicant with a background in indoor growing will also be important (don't stress, you can always learn along the way). The candidate must have the ability to relate with all their clients and demonstrate outstanding customer service that LumaGro upholds.

LumaGro will make an evaluations of the individuals integrity, personality, qualities/characteristics, and honesty. We want to make sure all representatives of LumaGro will go into their communities, evaluate their market and advertise aggressively.

LumaGro seeks for people who are ready to devote their full time and best efforts to the LumaGro business. We do not approve franchises to investors, partnerships, or corporations.

Training Program

LumaGro's franchising model is built on the fact that we can only be as successful as our owners/operators. We believe in a strong relationship with all our owners, operators, suppliers, and employees. This all starts with proper training and support.

Programs and support highlights:

  • Owner Operator Development
  • Business Management
  • Systems Management
  • Store Management (inventory control, scheduling, customer service, etc...)
  • Store Support (Marketing, Training, Online Sales, Purchasing, Maintenance, etc...)
  • Various classes such as:
  • Webinars
  • 2 month course all about the indoor growing industry with certificate
  • On field training to learn day to day operations