10" Duct Booster Fan

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SKU: LG-133

LUMAGRO's 10" Duct Booster Fan is energy efficient, quiet and easy to install. Engineered for maximum boost with minimum noise, the balanced metal blades are ideal for boosting air supply and venting exhaust air. The motor features a permanently lubricated bearing that operates quietly and requires no maintenance. The fan will solve air delivery problems without major system rework or expense and can be installed in any location such as bathrooms, attics, greenhouses, tents, etc. 

Product Features 
• Increase airflow to HVAC units/inline fans to help exhaust odours/air
• Can be used as an intake fan to bring in fresh air into grow rooms/tents
• Can be used as an exhaust fan for 400w or smaller HID systems or LED systems



Noise level





  Packaging Dimensions (NCHES)







 15.9L x 14.3W x 11.6H