10 Foot, 16 Ga UL Lamp Extension Cord

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SKU: LG-207

LUMAGRO's Lamp Extension Cord is a heavy duty lamp extension cord that allows the addition of another 10′ of length between reflector, lamp/socket and ballast. It features both a male and a female end of the most common grow light receptacle and plug on the market.

What’s the purpose of a Lamp Extension Cord? A lot of growers prefer to position their ballasts away from their grow lights and even outside the grow room for heat management, noise and possibly RF purposes. A 15 feet cord that is standard with most reflectors and sockets are sometimes not long enough for this purpose.

We recommend using this cord with digital ballasts because generally magnetic ballasts lamp igniters have a firing range of about 15 feet which is the typical length of a reflector cord. Digital ballasts are capable of running much longer cords between the ballast and the lamp which is why we recommend using its fullest potential!

Product Features
• Increase length between the ballast and reflector
• 10’ long
• 16 gauge cable
• Common reflector plug