36w 4ft T5 Full Spectrum Led Tube (2 Pack)

$23.00 $38.00

SKU: LG-120

You can now easily upgrade your T5 Fluorescent lighting system to a LED one by simply changing the bulbs out with our new 36w 4ft T5 Full Spectrum Led Tube. These new full spectrum bulbs provide better lighting with lower costs. These bulbs fit perfectly into any existing T5 4-foot Fixture. Upgrading to the LED lights will provide with a full spectrum light preparing you for all stages of the grow cycle. You can even mix and match with your current bulbs to create your own unique light spectrum more suitable to your needs.


Direct Replacement With No Rewiring. Works Directly With Any 4-Foot t5 Fixture.

30% Energy Savings Versus a 54w Fluorescent t5 Lamp 

Proprietary Phosphor Technology Provides Optimized Color Output

Durable Aluminum Housing Makes Tube Great For Cool Operation & Life Extension. Last Up To 50,000 Hours Life

Mercury Free And 100% Recyclable