Bubble Bag Kit 5 Bags 5 gallons


SKU: LG-262

This 5 Bags kit is one of the best and most versatility kits. The 5 bag kit comprises of a work bag, along with two contaminant removal bags, andfinally five crystal collection bags. Also included are three pressing screens and a carrying bag. Bucket not included.

This kit includes the following:

  • 5 gallon 25 micron bag (Purple Bag)
  • 5 gallon 73 micron bag (Yellow Bag)
  • 5 gallon 120 micron bag (Orange Bag)
  • 5 gallon 160 micron bag (Red Bag)
  • 5 gallon 220 micron bag (Blue Bag)


1 Blotting Screens 
1 Storage Pouch for your Bubble Bags 

Bucket not included.

This 5 Gallon 5 Bag kit can process up to 0.5 pounds of plant material at a time.