CHS Series Electronic High Precision Counting Scale Balance


Thank you for selecting CHS Series for your choice in high precision counting scales. All our scales utilize industry standard CPUs to run the system software and our proprietary A/D conversion technology. The sensing parts in our high precision counting scales use strain sensors which provide highly accurate results. Our scales can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to: hardware, electronics, plastics, toys, chemicals, medicine, food, manufacturing, etc

Function Introduction

• Four types of unit conversion: oz, kg, g, lb

• Alarm at upper and lower limits of the count

• Alarm at upper and lower limits of the weight

• Cumulate pieces

• Cumulate weight

• Zero tracing automatically

• Tare and pre-tare

• Full tare

• Counting function of known & unknown weight

• Low battery indicator


 A/D Conversion Resolution 1/1000000
Count Resolution 1/300000
Display Resolution 3-1/300000
Accuracy Grade OIMLIII
Zero Drift ≤0.15uv/°C
Sensitivity Drift ≤12PPM/°C
Nonlinear ≤0.01% F.S
Sensors Resistance Strain Test C-class 6000 graduate
Power Supply DC110V (+10%-15%) 50Hz (±1Hz)
Built-in Battery DC 6V/4AH
Storage Temperature -25°C - +55°C