Heat Mat Thermostat


SKU: LG-320

Our electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional accessory for Seedling
Heat Mats. The thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly in colder or warmer than normal
environments. It provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants.

● Digital temperature controller for heat mats
● Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops
● Illuminated indicator light; 3-prong ground plug
● Compatible with all heat mats; optional for Seedling Heat Mats
● Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out

Keeping the root zone warm helps plants thrive and propagate much faster than plants kept under regular temperature. Simply place the Heat Mat under your seedling tray on a flat and dry surface. Then plug the mat into a 120 volt outlet(you can plug it into a Heat Mat Thermostat for exact control over the temperature output). For the most optimal results we suggest using a propagation dome and using T5 fluorescent lights or any other low intensity lighting like LEDs. HID lights or direct sunlight might be too intense for seedlings.