High dome propagator 21.3” x 11” x 10”


SKU: LG-325

Increases the humidity and moisture; therefore seeds will germinate much faster under
a optimum surrounding. Straight vertical sides allow use of all plant sites in a propagation tray.
2 vents in the top of the dome can be opened or closed.

Size: 21.3” x 11” x 10”

Keeping the root zone warm helps plants thrive and propagate much faster than plants kept under regular temperature. Simply place the Heat Mat under your seedling tray on a flat and dry surface. Then plug the mat into a 120 volt outlet(you can plug it into a Heat Mat Thermostat for exact control over the temperature output). For the most optimal results we suggest using a propagation dome and using T5 fluorescent lights or any other low intensity lighting like LEDs. HID lights or direct sunlight might be too intense for seedlings.

 *****Propagation Tray sold separately