LumaGro T-Rex 8" Inline Air Cool Tube Reflector

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Our fantastic 8" cool tube reflectors are a great choice for setting up your high quality indoor garden. Our reflectors carry a 8" flange allowing for ducting to slip on quick and easily. It has a built in ceramic socket capable of holding both metal halide Bulbs and high-pressure sodium bulbs. (400w, 600w, 1000w) This reflector is specially designed to help funnel airflow quickly and efficiently cooling your bulb.

8" LumaGro Inline Air Cooled Reflector with Cool Tube:

Combined 8" Inline Air Cooled Reflector with Cool Tube.
Allows for improved air cooling than other general reflector hoods.
Includes a pre-wired ceramic socket
Multi-surface large hood to reflect most light towards your plants
Standard 8" air vent fits to 8" exhaust fan system (NOT included) and fits inside most grow tents
Includes a 9.5 Foot cord to the Digital Ballast
Overall Dimensions: 28in. (L) x 16in. (W) x 8in. (H) 
Reflector Opening Dimensions: (L) x 16in. (W) 
Cool tube Dimensions: 28in. (L) x 8in. Diameter