Laser Thermometer

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SKU: LG-303


★Non-contact accurate temperature measuring

★Built-in laser aiming

★℃/℉ options

★White background liquid crystal display

★Auto-data hold and auto-power off 15 seconds after holding the trigger

★Distance spot ratio: 10:1

★Range:﹣13℉~752℉ (-25℃~400℃)

★Resolution: 1℃

★Accuracy: 2%

★Emissivity: preset at 0.95

★Sample Rate: 0.5 Seconds

★Power: 9v battery

Operations Instructions

1. Open the cover of the battery, install the 9v battery, and select the laser switch and ℃/℉ switch depending on your needs.

2. Point the sensor at an object (Be sure to consider distance-to-spot ratio and field of view), push the trigger, and the temperature reading will appear on the display.

3. Pressing the trigger again will restart the testing process.

4. Replace a new battery when battery symbol is displayed on the left side of the LCD. 

Caution: Do not point the laser directly at the eyes of any humans or animals!