Master Controller 600W/750W/1000W DE System & LED System

$76.00 $218.00

SKU: LG-292

With our LUMAGRO master controller you can control all your connected ballasts with the push of a button. These work on either 120V or 240V digital ballast. You can daisy chain and link up to 100 of these systems on a single controller!


  • No need for a switchboard
  • Easy and safe installation (low voltage device)
  • Protected against short-circuit  
  • Double temperature safety feature
  • Control up to 100 ballasts
  • Show output as W or %
  • Auto-dim at set temp
  • Auto shutdown at set temp
  • Sunrise/sunset period
  • Alarm contacts NO/NC
  • App available for Android and Apple
  • Works with our LED lights