Premium 1000w High Output HPS Bulb


SKU: LG-117

These new Premium  High Pressure Sodium bulbs Provides 34% more available energy than the standard high pressure sodium lamp. These are specialty LumaGro High Output bulbs made specifically for growing plants.

- Our bulbs produce about 10% more light than standard HPS bulbs

- Our HPS Bulbs have a 30% additional "BLUE" spectrum combined with high "RED" spectrum creates the correct balance for MAXIMUM PLANT GROWTH.

- Higher Lumen output for HIGHER YIELDS.

24,000 Hour expected life span on our HPS Bulbs (one year is 8,760 hours)


Watts(W) Current(A) Luminous Flux(lm) Avg Life(h) K Base
400 4.4 51000 24000 2100 E40
600 6.2 90000 24000 2100 E40
1000 10.3 150000 24000 2100 E40