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Home Double Ended Systems

Double Ended Grow Light Kit

If you are looking to buy double ended grow lights for your plants online, then you are sure to find one at LUMAGRO.

Double Ended HPS technology has been making headlines by producing most evident plant growth as compared to other alternatives. It is a unique lamp technology that has paved a new path for horticulturists for better quality and yields. Double ended grow lights have a positive impact on all plants these are installed around. These lights have a strong edge over the slow, single-ended bulbs that made use of high pressure sodium lights. It is a proven fact that even after 10, 000 hours of working, the double-ended lights are capable of giving 90 percent of their initial output unlike their single ended counterparts. DE lamps also emit more ultraviolet and infrared light than traditional SE bulbs, which increases potency and essential oil production in plants.

It is also proven that double ended lights are more stable which allows them to have a 10% - 30% increase in light intensity and PAR.